How to Catch a Chicken in 9 Easy Steps (2).png

Picture this. A chicken meanders in front of you, clucking and shaking her tail feathers, occasionally pecking at the ground. Regardless of WHY you want to catch her, it’s crucial to memorize these 9 steps before you even start. You’ll have her in your arms in no time!

Step 1. Whatever you do – DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT. If you make eye contact, she’ll know what’s about to happen and will scurry away faster than you can say “GOTCHA!”

Step 2. Slowly approach, always from the side. If you approach from the front or the back, she’s likely to take off at a dead run, and then good luck ever getting near HER again.

Step 3. If available, sprinkle some corn on the ground and cackle, “here, chickie, chickie, chickie.” If no corn, just do the cackling. The chicks dig that. I promise. :D

Step 4. Let the chicken get within arms length, but don’t move yet. Remember step 1 at this time. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING EYE CONTACT. It’s best to look up at the sky and whistle.

Step 5. LUNGE!! LUNGE!!!!!

Step 6. Oops, too slow! Grumble about ridiculously fast chickens. Repeat Steps 1-5.

Step 7. You caught her tail feathers, but you let go because she was squawking so loud. How could you have let her go??

Step 8. Stomp your foot and yell gibberish at the chicken. Repeat steps 1-5. Again.

Step 9. You caught her!!!! Quick, grab around her torso, folding her wings to her body so she doesn’t flap you in the face. Hehe, it already happened, didn’t it? #sorrynotsorry

And there you have it! Great job catching that chicken!!

Just in case you don’t have your own chickens to catch, but you’d like to try on ours, come on out to our Family Fun Day, October 14-15th. It’ll be lots of fun and giggles for the whole family. And if you happen to capture a video of the hilarity of someone using these steps to catch a chicken, tag us @Cedar Creek Farm and use the hashtag #9stepstocatchachicken.