Learn how to save the seasons with everyone's favorite canning event, Preserve It

Some call it a lost art. Some are too scared to attempt it. Everyone loves what comes from it. What are we talking about? Canning! 

No Hassle, No Stress, Just Fun! 

Most women who want to learn to can just don't know where to start. Waterbath or pressure? What's a "lid-grabber?" Do I really need 8lbs of sugar?! (Most likely, yes!) But it doesn't have to be that way! At the Preserve It! parties, we take the guessing out of canning by walking you through the entire process, start to finish, in your own kitchen. And to make it even easier, we bring ALL of the supplies to YOU! All you need is a kitchen, some friends and a couple of hours. 

It's Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4! 

Step 1. You pick the seasonal product
Step 2. We schedule a time that works based on the product and our schedules
Step 3. You invite your friends to the class event with adorable invitations
Step 4. We make something yummy together! 

And Here's The Best Part! 

Not only do you learn everything you need to know about the product you picked during a Preserve It!  party, you and your guests get to take home everything we make! 

  • Homemade strawberry jam? Check! 
  • The best-tasting applesauce? Check! 
  • Savory canned tomatoes you can use all year? Check, check check! 

Plus, you made it! So the bragging rights are all yours! 

So What's The Cost? 

That's up to you! We have a flat-rate fee of $100 per single-batch class (2 hours) and $200 for a double-batch class (3 hours). That'll make between 6-8 jars (or 12-16) depending on the class type. So you get to decide how big you want the event and therefore the cost breakdown per person. So if you wanted to split a strawberry jam class (yum!) between 8 people (you and 7 friends), that's only $12.50 per person for a 2 hour class! Or cover the cost yourself to treat your friends to a fun girls night (in!) or teach your own kids how to can, and have a great birthday party or fun evening at a low cost!

So what are you waiting for?