The Story of a Goat

Once upon a time, a baby goat was born. He was born in the middle of the night, in the middle of a field, with all his aunts and uncles and protectors around. 

But sometimes new goat mamas don’t really understand what’s going on, and if someone (like a really excited puppy) gets to the baby first to clean him off, she will decide she doesn’t like him anymore. 

So the farmers (who woke up and came out into the field when they heard new baby cries) scooped him up and said, “Don’t worry, little boy. You’re safe now, and we’ll keep you warm and fed.” 

So the farmers named him Adrien and brought him into the house to live with them for a little while. 

Adrien LOVED the house. He made friends with the indoor cats, and eventually a little pig. 

Adrien grew and grew and got stronger and stronger. Then, one day, he went outside with the farmers to play. There, he met his mother, Chestnut. Chestnut was confused. “Where did this baby come from, and why does he like me?” 

The farmers began catching Chestnut every morning and night to feed Adrien directly from his mama. And slowly, Chestnut warmed up. 

One day, when Adrien came out to play, Chestnut went up to him, and gave him a little love nudge. Adrien was THRILLED. His mama liked him again! 

Just to make sure, the farmers watched carefully to make sure that he was getting enough food and was staying healthy. But Chestnut had accepted him fully and decided that he didn’t need to go back in the house. 

The farmers were sad at first, but knew it was for the best. Plus, Adrien was forever grateful to them for being his mama when his didn’t want them, so he still made sure to come and say hi anytime they came out. 

And everyone is happy. 

The end.